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Send Goodwill

During a time of great challenges happening around the world, it helps to spread goodwill as much as possible. This website helps make it easy to spread goodwill to your friends, family members and colleagues around the world.

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Ten Seconds of Silence

Start your meetings, conversations and meals by sharing ten seconds of silence to reflect on the importance of equality, inclusion, equity and fairness.

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Earth Communications Center

One People, One Planet, One Community

Earth Communications Center (ECC) is a place where people from all walks of life in all corners of the world come together for conversation, dialogue, diplomacy and friendship. ECC is a place where everyone is welcome regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, national origin, geographic location, religion, gender, political affiliation, social class, disability status, sexual orientation, and all other artificial barriers that separate us. ECC is a place where everyone is treated with dignity, respect and common courtesy. As we enjoy coming together in unity amidst our great diversity, we harness the collective power of the hearts and minds within our World Community to help address the most pressing issues of our time. Come join us!

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The Park

The Park Odyssey chronicles the odyssey-like journey of the life and times of The Park.

The Park Community is the first intentionally global online community. The Park, started in October of 1994, is a stunning display of the indomitable nature of the human spirit. Against incredible odds, The Park achieved what other Internet companies only dreamt about – The Park created a loyal community of nearly a million people from over 200 countries worldwide who came back again and again and again. People visited The Park to meet old and new friends, to have conversation and dialogue about a wide variety of topics, to receive useful communication services and to become engaged in a variety of compelling ways. Supported by 160 volunteers around the world, there was a strong sense of camaraderie, teamwork, fun and excitement. The strong sense of meaningful community combined with a high degree of responsiveness to the requests of users attracted and retained as many as 5,000 users in The Park at the same time. This feat is even more surprising because it was created with no marketing or advertising – knowledge of The Park was spread entirely by word of mouth on a shoestring budget, running out of the proverbial garage. The Park was not just an online phenomenon, for Park members had been spontaneously getting together in the “real world” at Park Gatherings in cities across the globe in groups anywhere between 5–10 people to over 100. The Park was a true global community both online as well as in the real world, operating on principles of global inclusiveness and planetary consciousness.

The Global Dialogues


The Global Dialogues envisions the peoples of the world engaged in a series of conversations and dialogues. We envision people from all professions, all age groups, all religions, all nations and all corners of the world talking about matters of concern to humanity at this historic time. We envision people enthusiastically participating in informed dialogue both online and as well as offline in the “real world”. We envision The Global Dialogues helping to bridge the gap between what is reported in the media and what is happening in the “real world”. Our intentions are to help create a more equitable and sustainable future for the World Community. We are guided by the principles in The Earth Charter, a worldwide campaign launched in March of 2000 after eight years of discussion involving more than 100,000 people in 51 countries.


The mission of The Global Dialogues is to stimulate and facilitate a large-scale series of informed conversations and dialogues worldwide, both online and in the “real world”. Our plans include easy access to information so that the conversations and dialogues are based on current information. Our plans also include easy-to-use tools to facilitate group action and collaboration.